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Question : Can customer give a review/rating even if they have not ordered food from that restaurant?
Ans : No. The customer can only review/rate the restaurant once his order has been delivered.

Question : Can customer cancel a order once they have placed it?
Ans : Yes customer can cancel his order but only till the restaurant has not confirmed it. Once the order is confirmed, customer cannot cancel it.

Question : How will the order be managed if the customer orders food from more than one restaurants?
Ans : When a customer will order food from multiple restaurants, the order will be sub divided in between the restaurants. Although the customer will only see one order.

Question : Can restaurants decide not to take orders for a period of time suppose like 2 hours?
Ans : Yes. If restaurants turn off their restaurant status, they would not be displayed in the list of restaurants to order. Also restaurants can cancel the received orders.

Question : Can customer track their order status on the website?
Ans : Yes the customers can see if their order has been confirmed, canceled or delivered. Also, restaurants can add custom order status that they would like so that customers can be updated about each step of the order delivery.

Question : Can the customer save their address once they have ordered from the website.
Ans : Yes. Customers can save their delivery addresses on the website. Once they order their food for the first time, their address is saved. Ordering again they will be offered to select the previous address. Customer can also manage their saved addresses and they can edit or delete old addresses.

Question : How will the customer be informed of changed order status?
Ans : Customer will receive an email whenever the restaurant owner will change the order status on his end.